As a thought leader

MIT validates the idea that it is an elite institution. Plus, you have an expert in your cup! Whatever your school specializes in, find ways to talk about those topics. Do it yourself Find and share content that will appeal to people outside of campus. To do this, you should: Request news and breakthroughs from your department. Talk to communication and journalism students and share their work. Share stories from outside the school that would interest future students.

Universities are the birthplace of great ideas.

Let your social media accounts reflect this and you’ll attract smart people from around the world. Focus on recruiting students? Get four more strategies for doing this online. Now putting it all together we see five strategies schools use to stand out on  Job Function or Professional Person and Industry Email List social media. All of these are great methods that you can adopt right away. The tricky part is figuring out how much to do on each task. Create a content plan that includes: Specific goals for social media marketing. These could be increased engagement, new followers or more admissions.

Job Function or Professional Person and Industry Email List

The type of content (including the examples above)

That can help you achieve these goals. You’ll need support from other departments, such as athletic teams, professors, and the school newspaper. A Guide to Social Media Management in Colleges and Universities Once you have this  plan in place, put it to the test! And don’t be afraid to tinker with the formula. With proper planning and some Bolivia Phone Number Data creative new content, you can’t fail! Share this Post Patrick Waterman Patrick Waterman Guest. Blogger Mention to Stay Informed Sign up for the Mention Memo Weekly Get the latest and greatest in digital marketing + social media tips! Related Articles Social Inbox: One Way to. Use Social Media Amplification to Create an Irresistible Email Marketing Campaign Social Inbox: One Way to Use Social Media. 

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